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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Safe at Last

I have 2 stepdaughters whose biological father ( hereby known after as the sperm donor or Asshat) has either disowned them or vice versa. Actually he has 4 daughters and 3 are estranged. Now 3 out of four is a damn good batting average in baseball, not so much estranged daughters. This Asshat kicked the daughter out of his home, accusing her of stealing from her baby sisters piggy bank and touching her inappropriately. The touching apparently came because the baby has a yeast infection. Now I am not a genius but if the doctor who saw her thought there were signs of abuse then CPS would be calling. I tend to believe my stepdaughter when she says that she did not steal. It was prolly the baby's fat ass mama. My stepdaughter is coming to live with us after high school graduation in 3 weeks. I wonder what the lazy bitches are going to do for a babysitter, a maid, and cook. What ever shall they do when the child support that we pay is cut off.

The funny thing about this whole situation is this stupid idiotic Asshat professes to be a upstanding and devout Christian. He signs his texts with "God is Great". God may be great but the sperm donor sucks big hairy donkey nuts for fun. I have nothing but contempt for a man who hides his baser instincts behind a wall of self-righteousness.

I am so thrilled that my stepdaughter is safe at last. She is staying with a friend until graduation and all her stuff is out of that hellhole.Safe at last!!!

She might even change her last name to mine.

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